Updating Tax Declaration

Office Name
Office of the City Assessor
Head of Office
Mr. Erwin E. Bernardo
Contact Number
Telephone 991-2294

This is issued upon the conveyance of real property whereby transfer of ownership results through a deed of sale, donation, etc., and in order to update the assessment records of the Assessor’s Office for real property taxation purposes.


a. Deed of Conveyance (sale, inheritance, donation, etc.)

b. Tax Clearance (Certificate of No. Tax Delinquency from the City Treasurer'   Office and likewise stating that the corresponding Transfer Tax has been paid)

c. Certificate Authorizing Registration issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue showing that the Capital Grains Tax and Documentary Stamps have been paid.

d. Photocopy of the Transfer Certificate Title

 Steps to follow:Processing Time
1) Submit documentary requirements to the  receiving Clerk of the Records Management Division.
    - Receiving clerk reviews the completeness of the documents and provides claim slip then request client to declare the property at the back of the Tax Declaration with his/her signature. The Tax Declaration together with the documents is endorsed to the Officer of the day of the Appraisal Division.
 3 Minutes
   - A Local Assessment Operations Officer I of the Appraisal Division serves as Officer of the Day and
prepares the Field Appraisal and Assessment Sheet for approval.

 10 Minutes
     - The Officer of the Day endorses all documents to the Tax Mapping Division for the assignment of the Property Index Number (PIN), sketch and recording in the Tax Mapping Control Roll (TMCR)

 10 minutes
     - After the FAAS is approved it will now be encoded and a new Tax Declaration will now be printed for signature and the old Tax Declaration will be cancelled.

 5 Minutes
2) Receives the updated Tax Declaration
     - The issuing clerk issues the new or updated Tax Declaraion to the client.

 2 Minutes
TOTAL Time Processing:
30 Minutes