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Functional Statement


Office               : City Mayor
Function           : Executive Direction, Supervision and Management of City Affairs
Fund                : General

Mayor    : Hon. Maria Isabelle G. Climaco-Salazar

Secretary to the Mayor  : Mr. Michael Angelo S. Saavedra
Executive Assistant V
Office of the Secretary to the Mayor


1. Ensures the delivery of basic services and the provisions of adequate facilities and exercises general supervision and control over all programs, projects, services and activities of the city government.

2. Ensures that adequate emergency measures are provided during and in the aftermath of natural disasters and calamities.

3. Formulates guidelines on city policies and city development plans in coordination with the City Development Council to ensure its implementation upon the approval of the Sangguniang Panlungsod.

4. Represents the city in all its business transactions and signs in its behalf all bonds, contracts and obligations and ensures that such document is implemented upon the authority of the Sangguniang Panlungsod and pursuant to law or ordinance.

5. Ensures that all barangays of the city are kept informed on matters that affect the city and find ways and means to improve the quality of life of city’s inhabitants.

6. Formulates policies on official trips and travels of city officials and employees outside the city and ensure that measures are adopted to safeguard public service.

7. Formulates policies on payment of medical care, transportation, subsistence hospital and medical fees of city officials and employees who may be injured while in the performance of their duties and allocates adequate funds for the medical care of indigents of the city subject to the availability of funds.

8. Formulates sports policies to bolster sports development in the city and to safeguard, improve and expand existing sports facilities.

9. Initiates and adopts policies to maximize the generation of resources and apply the same for the development of the city.

10. Exercises such other powers and performs other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinances.

11. Automates system on delivery of services into a computerized system.

12. Calendars sports tournaments of all sports events, training, clinics/teaching the athletes the modern basic skills so as to prepare themselves for regular participation from lower level to the highest most level of competition .

13. Executes and administers the policies, plans and programs as well as rules and regulations as approved and mandated by the Chief Executive.

14. Recommends measures for the improvement and development of the Assemblyman Joaquin F. Enriquez, Jr. Memorial Sports Complex, including proposals to increase or generate financial viability in revenue collections thru fees of the facilities, use of the swimming pool and rentals of establishments located at bleacher A.

15. Encourages the use of the sports complex by the general public as part of the government sports and physical fitness program and utilizing the same facilities as center of training for athletes.

16. Prepares the tourism promotional plans and developments;

17. Assists and inspects all tourism-oriented establishments (TOEs) and tour guides prior to licensing;

18. Monitors, collects and collates the monthly tourist inflow reports from all hotels, inns, resorts and pension houses;

19. Assists in the campaign of the preservation of the City’s rich history, culture and tradition;

20. Recommends the publication of promotional materials/collaterals;

21. Coordinates with NGAs and NGOs to carry out the city’s tourism program; assist in bidding for convention/ seminar venues;

22. Prepares itineraries of visiting diplomatic corps, dignitaries and other foreign guests to include businessmen, media personalities and travel trade officials; makes arrangements for visits/tours of tourism projects;

23. Conducts briefing on tourism/business; helps in specialized tourism programs such as sisterhood agreements that will positively project and promote the city; promotes tourism product, handicrafts and souvenir items;

24. Assists/ coordinates in preparation and implementation of other government activities and programs; liaison with various agencies in government-sponsored activities.

25. Coordinates with the Department of Tourism – IX in the conduct of training programs for tourism front liners and other tourism related matters.

26. Processes and issues Business permits and Licenses and other related permits.