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General Objectives

1. To adopt programs and policies for the economic development of the city.

2. To provide the infrastructure and atmosphere needed for effective, efficient and honest local governance.

3. To provide and maintain needed infrastructure projects.

4. To institute police reforms and extend assistance to the police force to make the local police more efficient and effective in the maintenance of peace and order.

5. To maintain health and social services.

6. To undertake cleanliness and sanitation programs and campaigns, and the restoration of city parks and scenic spots.

7. To coordinate with the national agencies in the economic development of the city, peace and order and the delivery of basic services.

8. To support and coordinate with non-government agencies in their social amelioration programs.

9. To create and maintain a favorable investment climate and adopt confidence-building measures toward this end.

10. To accelerate the  BIMP-EAGA concept of development in the context of the establishment of the Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone and Free Port through infrastructure support program and trade linkages.

11. To look for additional sources of revenue and improve tax collection.

12. To conduct housekeeping maintenance on computer hardware and software of the office.

13. To assist in the development of the Real Property Tax Mapping Geographical Information System (GIS) Project.

14. To maintain a developed computerized Real Property billing and collection system.

15. To attend computer-related seminars, trainings and conventions for personnel upgrading.

16. To develop computerized Management Information System for the Office of the City Mayor.

17. To maintain and operate the Mayor Joaquin F. Enriquez, Jr. Memorial Sports Complex for various sports activities, especially for the youth.

18. To propose increase in the fees at the sports complex.

19. To coordinate and assist the barangay officials in the promotion of sports activities in their respective barangay to deter the youth from the menace of drugs.

20. To plan, organize and oversee all the activities at the sports complex.

21. To ensure all city officials and employees are physically and mentally fit.

22. To organize/recruits and train athletes and coaches for national participation.

23. To produce highly competitive athletes in national and international sports competitions.

24. To adopt programs and policies for tourism development of the city;

25. To provide, create and maintain a favorable tourism investment climate and adopt market confidence building measures towards this end;

26. To ensure basic tourist facilities are at par with the national and international norms;

27. To make the people aware and proud of the city’s rich history and cultural background;

28. To market the city positively through basic facts and basic information about the city;

29. To present a comprehensive and solid promotional plan for the city;

30. To facilitate official visits to the city, showcasing the hospitality traits of the Zamboangueños.

31. To attend seminar, trainings and attendance in convention for personnel upgrading and other travels as instructed by the Chief Executive.

32. To support and maintain the requirements of the office.

33. To assist the chief Executive in the personnel administration of this office.

34. To process communications from and to the office.

35. To attend seminars, trainings and conventions for personnel upgrading.

36. To provide assistance to barangay officials in implementing barangay development projects.

37. To attend to complaints and requests of barangay officials and residents of the barangays.

38. To assist barangay officials with barangay communications, clearances and to process payrolls of members of Barangay Intelligence Network.

39. To assist in official meetings, functions and conference of the City Government.

40. To provide assistance to the Zamboanga City Police Office with fuel requirements and repair of police vehicles.

41. To process requests for special permits to hold cockfighting derbies.

42. To issue City Mayor’s Clearance.

43. To process and issue business permits and licenses and other related permits to prospective applicants with utmost efficiency.

44. To monitor and conduct investigation in coordination with the City Treasurer’s Office for unlicensed and /or under declared assessment of business establishment.

45. To develop a more systematic way of keeping records for a more effective delivery of public services.


46. To hear and adjudicate all administrative complaints formally filed with or referred to, against any member of the PNP and impose the corresponding punishment.

47. To administer oath, summon witness, require the production of documents, records, books or other things by a subpoena duces tecum and issue other processes as may be necessary thru the PLEB chairman who is empowered to do so, in the exercise of the functions of PLEB.

48. To upgrade the quality of police services through annual orientation-seminar sponsored by PLEB, for the officers and members of the PNP.

49. To attend People’s Law Enforcement Board (PLEB) Conventions and other related seminars and trainings.

50. To plan, implement and monitor yearly work program in pursuance of the objectives of the creating ordinance.

51. To draw up a list available and required services that can be provided to the senior citizens.

52. To maintain and regularly update on a quarterly basis the list of senior citizens and to issue national uniform, individual identification cards which shall be valid anywhere in the country.

53. To service, as a general information and liaison center, to senior citizens.