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Planning, Information and Development Division

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* Develops career plans/programs and administers in-house training and development opportunities for employees.

* Determines and develops training needs and prepares training plans and programs for employees.

* Establishes and maintains internal and external linkages with government, non-government organizations and private entities relative to training management and administration.

* Conducts Orientation Programs to newly appointed and promoted employees and student apprentices

* Develops and disseminates rules, policies and guidelines affecting organizational development and other personnel movements.

* Ensures efficient evaluation and selection of nominees for local and foreign scholarship programs and study grants.

* Provides human resource information and administrative or technical assistance on local and foreign scholarship programs and continuing professional education.

* Formulates and implements systems and procedures for proper and efficient execution of personnel actions in accordance to with applicable policies, rules and regulations and guidelines on personnel administration.

* Provides secretariat services to the Gender and Development Committee of the organization.

* Facilitates the implementation of GAD Training programs of the agency to the local women in the barangay and people with disabilities.

* Develops and conducts a continuing program of research and data-gathering activities on personnel management and administration.