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General Objectives

1. To act as Legal Counsel for the City Government of Zamboanga in all civil cases and special proceedings wherein the City Government or any city official, in his/her official capacity is a party;
2. To render legal opinions on questions of law when officially sought for, which opinions do not only have persuasive but also binding effect upon the City Government of Zamboanga;  

3. To provide legal assistance and support to the City Mayor as a basis for decision-making on specific problems with legal and policy implications;
4. To prepare and review legal documents and provisions of contracts and agreements entered into by the city, and upon instructions of the City Mayor, act on all legal matters appertaining thereto with the end of promoting the interest and welfare of the City Government;
5. To review all orders and Memoranda before the same are submitted to the SP for approval;
6. To conduct hearings, prosecute and serve as Special Legal Counsel, more particularly in handling land acquisition, road-right-of-way and all other related activities with legal implications;
7. To conduct investigation of all legal matters involving the city and to conduct investigations in cases wherein personnel of the City Government is charged administratively;
8. To render legal assistance to the barangay goverments and indigent clients;