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Service Guide

A.      Take custody and properly manage all money received and disbursed by the City Government of Zamboanga. Tasked to collect all kinds of income or revenue and disburse/pay obligations, remittances for goods and services provided to the City Government that are essential to its operation.
B.     Conduct tax information awareness campaign to keep taxpayers abreast with their obligations and benefits derived from payment of taxes to the City Government.
A.1.   This Office receives payments in cash/check for taxes, fees and other charges due to the City, for the following:

 1. Real Property Tax24. Tax on Peddlers 
 2. Material Testing Fee25. Franchise Tax
 3. Sanitary Permit Fee26. Printing and Publication
 4. Buildigng Permit Fee27. Community Tax
 5. Fire Inspection Fee28. Amusement Tax
 6. Marriage Application Fee29. Weight and Measures
 7. Solemnization Fee30. Sand and Gravel Tax
 8. Professional/Occupational Fee31. Registration Fee
 9. Slaughter Permit Fee32. Certification/Secretarial Fee
 10. Real Property Transfer Fee33. Registration of Large 
 11. Market Stall Rental Fee34. Burial Permit Fee
 12. Parking Fee35. Occupancy Permit Fee
 13. Traffic Violation Fine/Penalty36. Plumbing Permit Fee
 14. Mayor Clearance 37. Excavation Permit Fee
 15. Police Clearance38. Garbage Fee
 16. Fiscal Clearance39. Subdivision Plan Fee
 17. Health Certificate Fee40. Inspection Fee
 18. X-ray Fee41. Business Tax/License/Fee
 19. Purchase of Accountable 
42. Regulatory Fee
 20. Rental/Use of Gov't
43. Ante Mortem Inspection Fee
 21. Performance/Bidder's Bond44. Post Mortem Inspection Fee
 22. Electrical Permit Fee45. Tricycle/Pedicab Sticker
 23. Tax on Delivery Truck/Vans46. Sale of Waste Materials

A.2.      This Office pays/disburses cash or issues check for payment of obligations, remittances for services and others:

 1. Salaries/Wages and other benefits 1. GSIS premium contribution
 2. Travel/meal allowances and per diem 2. HDMF-Pag-IBIG contribution
 3. Representation allowance 3. PhilHealth
 4. Transportation allowance 4. Loan amortization payment
 5. Motor vehicle registration 5. Fire Inspection Fee (National
 6. Motor vehicle/building insurance 
 7. Kabisig projects 
 8. Honoraria 
 1. Electricity 1. Grants and Donations
 2. Telecommunication/Telephone
 2. Barangay Water
 3. POl product 3. Financial Assistance
 4. Janitorial Services 4. Livelihood Assitance
 5. Postage 5. Special Occassions
 6. Delivery Expense 6. Refunds/Withdrawals
 7. Seminar/Training 7. Hotel Services/
 8. Advertising/Publication 8. Catering Services
 9. Incentive/Award