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Objectives of the Office of the City Health

To improve and maintain the health and well being of every individual, family and community in Zamboanga City thru Primary Health Care

1. Implement Public Health Programs

    1.1.   Family Health Program
-           Maternal and Child Health (Immunization)
-           Family Planning/ Reproductive Health
-           Dental Health
-           Nutrition and Breastfeeding
-           Community Based Rehabilitation Program

    1.2.  Infectious Diseases
-           EPI Diseases
-           STI/ HIV-AIDS
-           Tuberculosis 
-           Leprosy
-           Acute Respiratory Infection/ Pneumonia
-           Malaria
-           Diarrheal Diseases (Cholera)
-           Dengue
-           Filariasis
-           Rabies
-           SARS
-           Avian Flu
-           Soil Transmitted Helminthiasis
-           Meningococcemia

    1.3.  Degenerative / Lifestyle Diseases
-           Cardiovascular Disease
-           Diabetes
-           Cancer
-           Kidney Diseases
-           Asthma
-           Mental Health

    1.4.  Environmental Health  Services
    1.5.  Health Related Behaviors and Practices
-           Physical Fitness
-           Substance Abuse
-           Tobacco Smoking
-           Human Rights

2.    Linkages with strategic partners
3.    Strengthening Disease Surveillance
4.    Strengthening Sanitary Inspection to enforce all health laws, decrees and city

5.    Procurement and Maintenance of Equipments and Supplies
6.    Career Upliftment of health personnel
       Main Health Centers (MHC) and Barangay Health Stations (BHS) shall provide medical   

       services to barangay residents.