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Duties of Civil Registrar

Office Name
Office of the City Civil Registrar 
Head of Office
 Atty. Alexander Eric F. Elias
Contact Number
(062) 993-1459 / 991-0807 

Duties of the Civil Registrar
The Civil registrar shall take charge of the Office of the Civil Registry and shall:           

a.     File registrable  certificates and documents presented to them for                         entry;

b.     Compile the same monthly and prepare and send any information required

        of them by the Civil Registrar-General;

c.       Issue certified transcripts or copies of any certificate or document

         registered, upon payment of the proper fees;

d.      Order the binding, properly classified, of all certificates or documents

         registered during the year;

e.     Send to the Civil Registrar-General, (through his designated

          representative) during the first ten days of each month, a copy of entries

          made during the preceding month, for filing;

f.     Index the same to facilitate search and identification in case any

         information is required;

g.    Administer oaths, free of charge, for civil register purposes; (Sect. 12, Act


h.    Accept all registrable documents and judicial decrees/orders affecting the

       civil status of persons;

i.     File, keep and preserve in a secured place the books required by law;

j.     Transcribe and enter immediately upon receipt all registrable documents and

      judicial decrees affecting the civil status of persons in the appropriate civil

      registry books;

k.    Receive applications for the issuance of a marriage license and after

      determining that the requirements and supporting certificates and publication

      thereof for the prescribed period have been complied with, shall issue the

       license upon the payment of the authorized fee to the treasurer;

l.     Coordinate with the Office of the Civil Registrar-General (National Statistics

       Office) in conducting educational campaigns for vital registration and assist

       in the preparation of demographic and other statistics for the local

      government unit concerned; (Article 9, Section 479, The Local Government

      Code of 1991)

m.   File, keep, and preserve civil registry records as per archival system 

       mandated by the Local Government Code; (Section 374)

n.    Submit status reports on the condition of civil registry documents filed in the 

       civil registry office whenever there are changes of the previous status of  


o.    Reconstruct destroyed civil registry records upon compliance with the

        requirements following the procedures established by the Office of the Civil

       Registrar-General; and

p.    Make available at all times the civil registry forms in his office. (3a)