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Local Civil Registry Fees

Office Name
Office of the City Civil Registrar 
Head of Office
 Atty. Alexander Eric F. Elias
Contact Number
(062) 993-1459 / 991-0807 


Local Civil Registry Fees

Marriage Fee
 1) Application Fee                              P50.00
 2) Licence Fee            P50.00
3) Solemnization Fee    


Registration Fee on Civil Status of Persons
(For registration of documents and certified copies of documents on file in the Office of the Local Civil Registrar)
 1) For registration of legitimation        

 2) For registration of adoption and guardianship  

 3) For registration of an annullment of marriage  

 4) For registration of a divorce   

 5) For registration of naturalization  

 6) For registration of election of Filipino Citizenship  

 7) For registration of change of name  P50.00
8) For certified copies of any document in the registry,

    for each word 
9) For registration or voluntary renunciation

    of foreign citizenship

 10) For foreign decree of adoption 
11) Affidavit or oath of allegiance of the wife and

     children of citizens

12) Court decisions or orders to correct or change the entries

     in any certificate of birth, marriage or death

 13) Aliases

14) Recognition or acknowlegment of natural children

      or court decision  or order regarding such recognition

      or acknowledgment 

 15) Judicial determination of paternity affiliation  

16) Court decisions or orders of custody

      of minors or guardianship

 17) Other legal documents for record purposes   P200.00
18) Late registration of certificate of birth or marriage

      delayed for a period of not more than six months

      or one year respectively

      Regular registration of birth the first 30 days from date of birth

      are hereby exempted from payment of fees

19) For issuance of certifed true copies of birth certificates

      to individuals participating in athletic  meets sponsored

      by the government shall be given free of charge
Note: The Civil Registrar may issue ceritified copies of documents free of charge for official use at the request of a competent court or other government agency. The issuance of certified copies of birth certificate of children reaching school age when such certificate are required for admission to the primary grades of the public schools shall be considered official and be given free of charge.

Research Fee
Research Fee