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Distance from the City Proper 8.00 kms
Political District District II
Historical Background

Barangay Zone II was created on July 10, 1973, together with Zones I, III and IV pursuant to Executive Order No. 6, issued by then Mayor Joaquin F. Enriquez, Jr. through the Secretary Jose Ma. Bucoy, under Presidential Decree No. 86, dated December 31, 1972.

On September 02, 1987, the four Zones - through the initiative of Zone II Barangay Council headed by Barangay Chairman Vicente Chan - were confirmed and recognized as full-fledged barangay in accordance with the governing law stated above.


During the Spanish era, a group of Spanish soldiers came upon this place and they saw a small nipa hut which happened to be inhabited by a Chinese. When they approached the Chinese, the soldiers inquired about the name of the place, the Chinese who hardly understand Spanish replied by uttering the word “bolang” which means in Chinese language as “no people”, thinking that he was being asked about the other people  living in the neighborhood. That time rare are the individuals living in the place. Hence, the Spaniards took it as the answer to their question and even went to the extent of understanding it as “Boalan” instead of Bolang. Then and there, the word Boalan sprung as the name of this Barangay.

The people of Boalan are blue-blooded Zamboangueños, Filipino by ancestry, professing Roman Catholic religion and their medium of communication is Chavacano. Most of the people are engaged in farming as their means of livelihood. The people are educated in English schools. Sports is their main recreation. The Baranagy itself is a tourist spot because it is the only Barangay where the rice fields are planted all year round. The Barangay is also famous for its Inland Water Resort with its swimming pool and other tourist oriented facilities.

Barangay Fiesta May 15
Total Population (2007 Census) 6,514
Number of Households 1,144
Punong Barangay Angelica G. Inot
Barangay Kagawad

Derwin C. Despi
Monico G. Antonio

Alicia F. Cabayacruz
Jocelyn G. Enriquez
Benjamin E. Limen
Albino A. Perez
Javier C. Atilano, Jr.