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Distance from the City Proper 33.00 kms
Political District District II
Historical Background

No one really knows for sure where the name of Bunguiao was derived from or who gave it, however, there is one popular legend that has been told for many generations in the Barangay. This legend tells how this Barangay got its present name.

Once there was a hunter who came to a forested in what is now called Bunguiao to hunt for game animals. After almost a day searching for game animals, he chanced upon a bird perched atop a very tall tree. In that moment, the hunter immediately reached for his rifle, aimed on the bird and fired. The sound of the rifle fire echoed through the expanse of the forest with a loud BUNG, which sent other animals to scamper. Unfortunately for the hunter, the bullet did not hit its target but it caused the bird atop the tall tree to startle, which made its scream a cat-like sound of NGUIAO as it flew away.

The hunter headed for his way home disappointed and could not figure out how he missed his target. The hunter was talking to himself in bewilderment when he was met by a stranger who asked for the name of the place where the former came from. Without looking at the stranger, the poor hunter merely pointed at the area where he had been and uttered the words BUNG and NGUIAO, after the sounds made by his rifle and the game bird. The stranger innocently took the words for the words for the name of the place and told about it to other people.

Bunguiao became a Barangay of Zamboanga City by Virtue of Commonwealth Act No. 39, series of 1937.


Bunguiao is an interior barangay located some 3.75 kms. from the national highway at Pamingitan on the boundary shared by barangays Sangali and Bolong. It is bounded on the north by barangay Dulian-Bunguiao, on the east by Barangay Bolong, on the south by Barangay Sangali and on the west by the DENR protected areas of Upper Bunguiao.

It consists of five (5) zones, which comprise the Barangay proper and fourteen (14) sitios.

The community has both private and public conveyances used to transport passengers. In recent years there was a notable increase in the number of motorized vehicles in the barangay. These are either used for private purpose by the owners or converted as tricycles or "habal-habals" to transport passengers to and from far flung sitios of Bunguiao and adjacent barangays and even as far as Sibuco, Zamboanga del Norte.

Most of the residents' source water for household use in shallow wells dug on riverbanks or deep wells (artesian, open type, or installed with pumps powered by electric motors. Less than ten percent of the households are with electricity, those in far flung sitios have no electricity.

Barangay Fiesta February 11, in honor of Our Lady of Lourdes
Total Population (2007 Census) 7,978
Number of Households 1,345
Punong Barangay Nestor H. Atilano
Barangay Kagawad Bienvenido I. Tarroza
Leo A. Resurreccion
Nonito S. Francisco
Baybina A. Gregorio
Reynerio T. Arquiza
Joebirth A. Alviar
Flordelina A. Saddalani