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Distance from the City Proper 17.00 kms
Political District District II
Historical Background

During the first century of Spanish regime, there was one place here in Zamboanga that had no name. This can be found 22 kilometers away from the town of Zamboanga. One day, while the Spaniards were on patrol on the east coast, they happened to reach this place. They met some natives, who were working in the field. When the Spaniards walked toward the natives, they saw a lot of insects flying all over them.

The Spaniards asked the natives “what do you call those flying insects?” The natives answered, “those insects are called Cabulay.” Spaniards were bitten by the insects which they alertly slapped dead. The Spaniards left the place hurriedly.

It was quite sometime before the Spaniards thought of visiting the place again. They met the natives again. This time, the Spaniards were eager to know the name of the place. They remembered the incident during their first visit. From that time on, they started to call the place “Cabaluay” thinking of the insect “Cabulay” that had bitten them.

Barangay Fiesta January 20
Total Population (2007 Census) 5,141
Number of Households 787
Punong Barangay Raphael Basilio E. Apolinario
Barangay Kagawad Romell R. Cabreros
Elisa D. Deque
Joel L. Apolinario
Jovin J. Apolinario
Alfredo M. Luna
Joel A. Mariga
Jobert B. Bello