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Distance from the City Proper 15.03 kms
Political District District I
Historical Background

Long time ago in this place, there was a kind of tree ground which they called pisa. Everywhere this tree can be found which looked like in the Chavacano language “bongga”, but it is smaller in size.

So this place was named by the inhabitants after the word pisa. Later on, the ancestors changed the word to capisan, derived from the word pisa.


It consists of four (4) sitios, namely: Tumanday-Capisan, Busay-Capisan, Capisan Proper and Gulud del Mundo-Capisan.

Barangay Fiesta October 29
Total Population (2007 Census) 907
Number of Households 159
Punong Barangay Teodoro G. Carreon
Barangay Kagawad Michael I. Faustino
Marina T. Jalon
Geronimo D.S. Atilano
Elmer B. Vicenter
Rolando G. Ramirez
Pepito H. Sanson
Jovel E. Macoycruz
Secretary Emelita T. Atilano
Treasurer Julieta S. Basilio