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Distance from the City Proper 50.00 kms
Political District District II
Historical Background

Long before the Spaniards came to Zamboanga City, Curuan was already a well-established settlement. The inhabitants were the Samals along the river banks towards the interior, while the Yakans lived along the coast beside the mouth of the Curuan River. Majority of the early settlers were Mohammedans. Fishing was the main source of living.

It is said that these early inhabitants were very religious and often pass away their time reading the Koran. When the Spaniards arrived at this place, the first man they saw was reading the Koran. When asked what the name of the place was, the man thought he was being asked the name of the book he was reading; therefore he answered “KORAN”. The Spaniards thought this to be the name of the place and so the place was henceforth was named “Curuan”, coming from the Muslim Bible “Koran”.

Barangay Fiesta November 13
Total Population (2007 Census) 5,920
Number of Households 1,289
Punong Barangay Noel B. Perez
Barangay Kagawad Rommel N. Angeles
Carmelito F. Manalo
Jose B. Rosal
Aksa I. Adil
Danilo J. Paragas
Ronaldo T. Angeles
Joselito A. Falcasantos

Secretary Efren R. Pantaleon
Treasurer Hamlin G. Belluga