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Distance from the City Proper 3.40 kms
Political District District II
Historical Background

“The Legend of Barangay Guiwan”

Between Tetuan and Putik lies Guiwan Barangay from the city proper about 4.2 kms. This barrio got its name from the story which goes this way….

When princess married a common man they eloped in this far away land where the princess gave birth to a son IWAN. But the couple moved farter way lest the angry king finds them there.

The king’s brother wrapped the throne and cruel soldier sought her far land wide till there was no more place to hide. They found the Princess GUIA and her son IWAN and threw them both to the river. She pleaded to the god of the river to take their lives but leave something behond. Then the princess and her son sunk deep, deep beyond...wailing, wailing, Guia-Iwan, Guia-Iwan. The god of the river granted her wish, the mother and son were turned into a land.

Natives who witnessed the change called the place GUIWAN, as a tribute to Guia and Iwan.

Barangay Fiesta Last Saturday of June
Total Population (2007 Census) 15,218
Number of Households 2,407
Punong Barangay Samuel P. Natividad
Barangay Kagawad Al-Jihan R. Edding
Sharif Mazien A. Hashim
Alvin A. Onrubia
Ronaldo R. Hebron
Natividad S. Antonio
Hector F. Perez
Jaime P. Delfierro
Secretary Julius Benedict C. Cardenas
Treasurer Sheila P. de Venecia