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Distance from the City Proper 36.00 kms
Political District District I
Historical Background

Barangay Labuan is a coastal Barangay 36 kilometers west of the commercial center of Zamboanga City. The place was used to be occupied only by the Subanen tribe, the “lumad” in Western Mindanao. Labuan’s name was taken from the Subanen word which meant “you fall there”.

Aside from the Subanens, indigenous people like the Tausugs, Samals and Chavacano also settled in Labauan. Intermarriage among these indigenous people encouraged them to stay permanently in this Barangay.

“The Legend of Labuan”

Long before Labuan got its name, the place was occupied only by the natives who were from the Subanen tribe. This tribe was headed by Timuway- the chieftain of theSuibanens. This chief used to sell their agricultural products in Zamboanga City by means of a “balsa” or raft. The agricultural produce included gabi, calabasa and banana. As they kept their trading activities with the people in the city, they were asked where the vegetables/produce came from. The chieftain answered in his language “ditto sug Labu an in bato rampoon.”

Another legend says that during one of the trading as the Subanens were loading their produce in the raft; some people saw them on the shores and shouted “Labu-an-dyon”, which is Subanen mean “you will fall there”.

Labu means ‘let it fall’. From the on, the place where the produce came from became known to be “Labuan.”

After many years of trading, the Subanens developed friendship with the Chavacanos from the city. Many thins were sold to the Chavacanos by the Subanens by trading only. Until such time, one day, a prominent Chavacano family traded the place of Labuan with a ‘native corn mill made of stone’. The prominent Chavacano family transferred toLabuan. The Subanens moved to another place to settle down once again.

Barangay Fiesta November 27
Total Population (2007 Census) 10,418
Number of Households 1,348
Punong Barangay Ronald O. Maravilla
Barangay Kagawad David P. Sapitula
Jayson A. Macasu
Armando E. Saitas
Gilbert G. Basallote
Munib Joe Antuyan
Ermelinda B. Sana-ani
Jawadi S. Sarail
Martin M. Guinilac