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Distance from the City Proper 30.00 kms
Political District District II
Historical Background

Barangay Lamisahan has a sweet and meaningful history. It is one of the 98 Barangays of Zamboanga City.

As early as 1898, Lamisahan was covered by lush virgin forest and unknown by its name. Settlers came and inhabited the area as early as 1901. They began clearing patches of forest and planted agricultural crops.

Moreover, after the Second World War, American surveyors came together with some Tagalog men-guide and visited the area. The Americans were impressed by the abundance of the resources and particularly, the fresh waster from the river.

While they surveying the place, they put up their temporary shelter where to stay. They planted and cultivated sugarcane which served as form of sugar.

One day while they were walking, they thought of a name to call the place. The Americans were joking with their Tagalog friends who served as their guide and named “LAMI-SA-MESA”, meaning the delicious and tasty food on the table. Someone said the name “lamisahan” could have been derived from the Tagalog words “lamisahan”, meaning they enjoy the fresh cool and sweet water from an open spring to the river.

The clearing of the forest continued when a logging company by the West Basilan Timber operated in the area between 1956 to 1963. The group was composed of ilonggos, tagalongs, visayans and zamboangueños.

This date also marked the first time they made their presence felt. The catholic mission most appropriately started on June 27, 1956, this was the first Barangay Fiesta in honor of “Our Mother of Perpetual Help”. This also marked in the minds of the residents the name of the place from Lami-sa-Mesa or Lamisa-mahn to its present name “Lamisahan”.

Barangay Fiesta June 27
Total Population (2007 Census) 3,654
Number of Households 621
Punong Barangay Rodel B. Alvarez
Barangay Kagawad Jovin A. Limen
Nathaniel P. Bangayan
Eroline H. Nuevaespaña
Ester F. Marcos
Luzminda L. Cristobal
Henry C. Ramos
Arturo D. Alvarez