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Distance from the City Proper 7.30 kms
Political District District II
Historical Background

Long before the Spaniards came, the whole Zamboanga was covered with forest except the areas along the shores. The natives engaged in fishing, they inhabied in the shore lines. Upon their arrival, the Spaniards undertook at once the task of building a town, which is at present the city of Zamboanga.

This town became a center, so that, it prospered and expanded to its present boundaries. Many people made good in the place, so they decided to settle there permanently with their families.

It was then Moros harassed the foreigners while they were on campaign. The Spaniards reached the farthest place where the settlers built their homes. On their way, they met a man carrying bundles of vegetables. The soldier who wish to know the name of the place, asked him in Spanish, “Que se llamas estoy lugar?” The man did not understand what he was talking about. All he thought the Spaniard was asking him where he was going, so he answered, “sa lungsod”, which is in Visayan dialect, meaning “going to town”. Since the Spaniard found difficulty in saying the Visayan word, he pronounced it as “lunzur”, until many settlers heard it, until many people modified the place as “lunzuran” which meant pleasant and so romantic to hear.

Barangay Fiesta March 19
Total Population (2007 Census) 8,009
Number of Households 917
Punong Barangay Joel E. Jose
Barangay Kagawad Danilo E. Jose
Dexter Jay S. Dulaca
Morvena J. Porras
Genaro F. Cagan
Jerry F. Felix
Macapado D. Bayabao
Tiffany Joy C. Nara