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Distance from the City Proper 7.00 kms
Political District District I
Historical Background

There are numerous tales about the mystery or origin of the name Malagutay. According to some of the elders, long time ago, the name of this Barangay was Buenagutay, and not Malagutay. Then there was a place in this barrio where most of the lovers in this city usually use as their dating place. When the people knew about these things, they started to be discouraged and even despised the owner of those cottages.

Because they believed in good luck (suwerte) or bad luck (malas), they thought that the reason why the sun does not give the chance for the rain to fall maybe it’s because of this thing actually happening in this barrio. But, as they were discouraged with that thing they even asked for the closure of those cottages.

One day, they started to believe that there are no permanent things in this world when the owner of these dating cottages died and the business started to decline until it was totally closed for business.

After the collapse of those cottages, here came the military, which used this place as their base until they made it as their permanent military base. (This is the place where the Military base is situated right now.)

Again, the residents were so curious of the frequent visits of those women looking for money out of their night time service with the soldiers. Upon knowing that these women were those they called "fly by night", and what they were doing is against the law of God, the people, because of their being conservative, believed that these things may not bring good luck to this barrio but rather brings bad luck instead. It was then that this long summer stroke our city particularly this barrio, and people were so hungry for rain. The people have been waiting for rain for a long period of time, but the nature accordingly frustrated them. Again they thought of these bad things happening within the barrio.

This is the reason accordingly, why they changed Buena to Mala and the Buenagutay became Malagutay instead.

Barangay Fiesta February 11, in honor of Our Lady of Lourdes
Total Population (2007 Census) 5,624
Number of Households 939
Punong Barangay Allan D.S. de Guzman
Barangay Kagawad Ibrahim S. Undik
Roel F. Cabugza
Danilo I. Esperat
Evelyn C. Estrellas
Jeffrey E. Cabugza
Richard E. Bardenas
Deryl F. Billedo
Secretary Madeline B. Dahap
Treasurer Kenny Jon I. Esperat