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Distance from the City Proper 18.00 kms
Political District District II
Historical Background

The place Pangapuyan is a small island barangay in Zamboanga City, created upon the enactment of Commonwealth Act. No. 39, s. 1937.

There are numerous tales about the mystery or origin of Pangapuyan island.  It is a small island, round in shape like a ball,surrounded by mangroves near Arena Blanco, Tumatulab, Manalipa and Tigtapon.

Before, Pangapuyan had very few houses.  The people were afraid to build their houses on the island because if the tide is high, the houses would float with the mangroves.  Later on, the sand in the island grew little by little until such time many houses were already constructed on the island.

One obscure story traces the origin of its name to two names.  One is "panga" which means lake and the otheris "puyan" which means fish otherwise called "tulingan".  At the time, whenever the tide goes up, the tulingan fish swims together with the tide and goes into the Panga lake area.  When the fish gets into the lake, it cannot escape anymore and so, accordingly, the legend of the name Pangapuyan began which is actually the combination of the words "panga" and "puyan" which means "fish in the lake".

Barangay Fiesta Fiestas are not celebrated since inhabitants are mostly Muslims.  Instead, festivities are observed during Hariraya Ei'dil Fitri as the culmination of the Holy Month of Ramadan.
Total Population (2007 Census) 773
Number of Households 110
Punong Barangay Khadafy M. Jailani
Barangay Kagawad Jain A. Jailani
Munap J. Jaapal
Abjulajim M. Jailani
Marma A. Jailani
Said A. Majaji
Gappal S. Sabturani
Al L. Jailani