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Service Values

We keep the customers informed
and involved  thru public participation,
as a key ingredient in a genuine plan.
Result Oriented

We will work together as one team,
individually contributing their share of responsibility
without any reservation toward common goals.
We will be accountable for our performance
by doing the right  things.
We willbe results driven.    

We are open to change.  We will be adaptable,
flexible and innovative  in responding to
the changing needs of our customers.
We work to put our faith into action, because faith 
without action is not faith at all. 


We are responsive to our customers, 
striving to provide courteous and efficient
service to the customer. 

We provide service to all with the attitude that
everything is worth our best effort and only
the best quality  of service is acceptable.

We are one department. Integrated and working
together as a team with a common understanding,
mutual respect and professionalism, entirely focused 
in achieving excellent performance.    

We recognize that we exist to serve the customer. 
We listen to their needs.  We will communicate to
them in a manner that  is easy to understand.  We
will strive to truly emote to the public the essence
of a public servant.