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Distance from the City Proper 5.18 kms
Political District District I
Historical Background

Pasonanca became a barangay upon the enactment of Commonwealth Act No. 39, s. 1937.

There are numerous tales about the mystery or origin of the name Pasonanca.  One such story tells of a group of people discovering a kind of plant growing abundantly in the hills and bearing a very sweet fruit.  So they planted the plant in a "paso" or big vase.  It was years later that they discovered the plant's name - "nangka".  The name Pasonanca was thus coined and given to the place where the trees are growing.  Others say that the name "Pasonanca" is a contraction of three words - paso de nanca, which means "Pass of Jackfruit".


It is bounded by Sta. Maria on the south, San Roque on the west, Lunzuran on the north and Tumaga on the east.

It is composed of 7 puroks and 7 sitios, namely: Abong-Abong, Luyahan, Shanty Town, Lantawan, Busay, Muruk, Sabana Coco and Canucutan.

It is the biggest barangay in land coverage, 50% of which is plain, 25% hilly and 25% mountainous.

Upper Pasonanca, which is situated in the northernmost part, used to be a virgin forest with extensive collection of wildlife, trees and rich soil.  It was also an agricultural area because of the abundant resources like coconuts, mango trees, bananas and other agricultural products.  Mt. Pulong Bato, the legendary home of Rajal Sargan, the "timuay" of Subanen, completes the pretty background of this picturesque barangay.

Pasonanca is a beautiful place befitting its popularity as a tourist destination.  It has attracted a lot of people because it boasts both the Pasonanca and Abong-Abong Freedom Parks.  Often hailed as the "Little Baguio of the South" due to its cool ambience, its terrain is hilly to mountanous.  It has a natural swimming pool, the only one in the country.

Barangay Fiesta Ninth Sunday following Easter Sunday
Total Population (2007 Census) 27,198
Number of Households 3,337
Punong Barangay Efigenio E. Julian Jr.
Barangay Kagawad Edralin C. Lacastesantos
Alfie L. Alejandro
Phillip B. Jones
Kzer B. Arquiza
Daisy M. Tangon
Gercel P. Supil
Concepcion D. Ramoya
Secretary Fortunato J. Julian
Treasurer Ceceilia A. de Jesus