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Distance from the City Proper 18.00 kms
Political District District II
Historical Background

Several years ago, the people did not this place. Big trees were growing around the place. In other words, this place was still a virgin forest where wild life was abundant.

One day, there were hunters who came into this place to hunt wild animals. While they were hunting, they came across the spring which until now is the source of water supply of the inhabitants of this place. At noontime, these three hunters ate their lunch in the spring.

Coincidentally, the viand of these three hunters was all sautéed (guisao) and one in the group said that they’ll name the place guisao, which in the vernacular means “sautéed viand”.  From that time on, whenever they wanted to go for hunting, they said they would go to Guisao. Until now the place is called Guisao.


Barangay Guisao consists of four (4) sitios, namely: Dalanitan in the eastern part, Galo in the western, Catumbal and Tabat at the entrance of the barangay proper.

It is bounded by adjacent barangay Cacao, Lanzones, Culianan and Cabaluay.

Barangay Fiesta June 5
Total Population (2007 Census) 1,873
Number of Households 396
Punong Barangay Miguel S. Arquiza
Barangay Kagawad Rachel S. Enriquez
Longino T. Mendoza
Ma. Corazon A. Abualas
Teresita C. Ramos
Edwin D. Arquiza
Francisco V. Alejandro, Jr.
Pelagio D. Pantaleon, Jr.
Secretary Michelle R. Lazareno
Treasurer Mariechris L. Ayangco