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Hon. Victoriano Tarroza (1914)

With the transition from the Moro Province to the Department of Mindanao and Sulu came a new style of governance, characterized by more key government positions being given to native leaders. With the reversion of Zamboanga to a municipality and the end of the term of Mayor Frederick Bader, Sr., a native Zamboangueño was to be appointed as Mayor of Zamboanga municipality. He was Victoriano Tarroza, or Ñor Nano. Tarroza was born in Mercedes, Zamboanga City and was married to Mercedes Robinson, a woman of American descent. 

He was appointed on March 1, 1914, and held the position until October 15 of the same year. Very little is known about Tarroza and his short term as mayor. His granddaughter Lulu Javier, remembered the old man as a highly principled individual and a very strict and orderly person. According to Lulu, her mother Mercedes recounted an instance when Ñor Nano’s only son, Armando, parked his bicycle in a no-parking zone. A policeman called Armando’s attention and reported the matter to the father, who was then the mayor. Without much ado, Ñor Nano ordered the policeman to arrest his own son for breaking the law.

Tarroza remained as mayor for the municipality of Zamboanga and continued as municipal president of Zamboanga when the Department of Mindanao and Sulu was abolished and replaced with the Bureau of Non-Christian Tribes, then later the Department of Interior. The position of mayor would not be re-established until the year 1936 when Zamboanga became a chartered city.