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Hon. Agustin L. Alvarez (1940-1942)

With Don Pablo Lorenzo’s relinquishment due to the Immigration portfolio, the responsibility of running the affairs of the government in the City of Zamboanga fell on another illustrious Zamboangueño by the name of Agustin Alvarez.

Alvarez was a native Zamboangueño whose parents were Fausto Alvarez and Mariquit Lucero, who were all from this city. He had two brothers and two sisters. “Titing”, as he was fondly called by his friends and relatives was a lawyer by profession.

Titing Alvarez belonged to a wealthy and respected gentry of Zamboanga, and so his parents could afford to send him to Manila where he pursued law. Like most Zamboangueños during his time, Titing came back to Zamboanga to practice his profession. He married Jacina Marquez, a marriage blessed with only one child, Roberto.

As a lawyer, Titing was popular among the people of Zamboanga and his popularity bolstered his political career in the city. Alvarez was appointed Governor of Zamboanga Province when the Department of Mindanao and Sulu was established under the Colonial Government in 1914. He was to hold this position until 1921. Alfonso Ramos took over the post in 1921 as Acting Governor of the province, when Titing was sent abroad as a pensionado to study government administration in the United States. He came back and reclaimed the position as governor in 1922.

Alvarez had the distinction of being the first Zamboangueño to be sent abroad as a government scholar.

With the vacancy created in the mayoralty post due to Don Pablo’s designation as Immigration Commissioner, Alvarez was appointed mayor of the city and held the position until 1942. He however, had to resign from office due to poor health, giving way for his secretary, Efren C. Peña, a transplanted Ilocano, to take over as officer-in-charge of Zamboanga City until after the liberation of Zamboanga from the Japanese on March 10, 1945.