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Hon. Manuel Dagalea Jaldon (1949-1953)

Mayor Manuel Dagalea Jaldon was born on December 8, 1902, in the small village of Bolong to Don Juan Jaldon and Manuela Dagalea. He was the second of six children. His eldest sister, Milagros J. Enriquez, was the mother of former Mayor Joaquin F. Enriquez, Jr. His brother, Adolfo, was the first chief of police of Zamboanga after he joined the peace-keeping force that served in South Korea during the Korean War. His youngest brother, Isabelo, was chief of the detective division of the Zamboanga Police Station.

Manuel Jaldon, “Manolo” to his close and intimate friends, studied at the Zamboanga Normal School before entering the Philippine Constabulary School. He was commissioned in the armed forces and headed the guerilla movement in Zamboanga peninsula and part of Cotabato and Bukidnon during the Japanese occupation.

After liberation, Jaldon joined politics in the 1940’s. He was appointed Mayor of Zamboanga City in 1951 and served as local chief executive until 1953 under the administration of then President Elpidio Quirino. As mayor, he appointed Cesar C. Climaco as his secretary. In the 1953 elections, Jaldon installed Climaco as the standard bearer of the defunct Liberal Party of Zamboanga.

Jaldon retired from active politics in the late 50’s and decided to live a quiet life in Cagayan de Oro after his first wife, Rosario “Charing” Seneca, died at an early age. He had two children from his first wife, Isabelo and Fernando, and two children from his second wife, Flora Yamut, Manoling and Emmanuel.

Jaldon died in Cagayan de Oro in 1976. He was given a military burial that was attended by prominent politicians from Zamboanga City, who included Mayor Cesar C. Climaco, his brother, Jose Climaco, and some members of the City Council.