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Functional Work Plan

                                                 Expected                 Target Date    Target Date
                                                  Results                       to Start     of Completion

1. Prepares Journal entry       Updates posting and         Jan. 1       Dec. 31
    voucher and records all      accurate Books of
    financial transactions of      Account and other
    the City Government of      accounting
    Zamboanga and its            reference.

2. Prepares monthly,              Timely submission           Jan. 1       Dec. 31
    quarterly and yearly           of the monthly Trial
    financial reports and           Balance and other
    other accomplishment.        reports and presen-
                                             tation of quarterly
                                             balance sheet,
                                             statement of income
                                             and expenses and
                                             statement of cash
                                             flows and post
                                             closing and final
                                             trial balance.

3. Records, processes and       Vouchers recorded,          Jan. 1       Dec. 31
     certifies availability of         processed and
     obligation of                       certified as to
     appropriated/allotment        availability of
     on claims against the city    appropriations/
     and barangays to                allotment and
     ensure compliance with       comply with
     regulations.                        regulations as to
                                              completeness of
                                              documents and
                                              property of claims.

4. Records in the equipment     Updated list of              Jan. 1        Dec. 31
    ledger card the details of      equipment and its
    all the purchase of               book balance.
    equipment made by the
    city government of
    Zamboanga and its
    barangay, as well as
    repairs, depreciation and
    disposal thereof.

5. Maintains individual              Documents will             Jan. 1          Dec. 31
    index card for officials          immediately be
    and employees and             available when
    maintains record of              needed.
    contract agreement,
    resolutions and other

6. Prepares monthly Bank        Submission of              Jan. 1          Dec. 31
    Reconciliation                      timely and accurate
    Statement.                          bank reconciliation

7. Cross checks price               Ensure correct             Jan. 1         Dec. 31
    quotation in the bidding        mathematical
    papers against abstract of    computation of
    bids.                                   purchase order and
                                              awards to
                                              complying bidders.

8  Verifies availability of           Correct pricing of        Jan. 1         Dec. 31
    Stock and price supplies       office supplies and
    availability inquiry and         accurate inventory.
    records in the supplies
    ledger card all receipts
    and issuance of office
    supplies and accountable
    form with face value.

9. Conducts inspection of         Inspection report         Jan. 1          Dec. 31
    supplies, construcion            that reveals actual
    materials, foods,                  condition of items/
    medicine, equipment,           units/project
    furniture and the likes.         delivered to the city
                                             and in barangays.

10. Issues and delivers            Early encashment of    Jan. 1         Dec. 31
      Accountant's advice to       the claimant.
      depository banks.

11. Prepares bills for cash        Early liquidation/         Jan. 1         Dec. 31
      advance and receivables.   refund of person

12. Prepares and submits        Trust liabilities             Jan. 1         Dec. 31
      remittances to agencies     remitted before
      concerned                         deadline.

13. Acts on the transactions     Early settlement of      Jan. 1        Dec. 31
      post audited by the City     suspension/
      Auditor.                            disallowances and
                                             compliance to audit