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San Jose - Cawa-Cawa

Distance from the City Proper 1.10 kms
Political District District I
Historical Background

Barangay San Jose - Cawa-Cawa used to have long and sandy beach but narrowed by the road widening along the stretch of RT Lim Boulevard, which was the popular picnic ground of ZamboangueƱos during sunsets and weekends.

The other half of the name of the barangay came from the word "Cawa" which means frying pan in the local dialect. The beach along RT Lim Boulevard was believed to be shaped like frying pan and swimmers repeatedly called the beach Cawa-Cawa to warn the bathers of the perils of the depth of the sea in the area.


It stretches from San Jose Road covering Cawasa drive, Ruste drive where the Claret School is, to Johnston Subdivision to Baliwasan Cemetery, Don Basilio Navarro Road, ZAEC Medical Center, Pilar Colleges and up to Cawa-Cawa covering the shoreline of RT Lim Boulevard.

Barangay Fiesta October 24
Total Population (2007 Census) 3,038
Number of Households 400
Punong Barangay Jerbie Ann G. Ponferrada
Barangay Kagawad Ronald C. Lim
Gliceria C. Calumpang
Carlo Vincent N. Araneta
Jose Frederick M. Payopelin
Alice P. Francisco
Benyusseeff J. Baybayan
Ernesto L. Casumpang, Jr.