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San Jose - Gusu

Distance from the City Proper 3.20 kms
Political District District I
Historical Background

San Jose Gusu was once a sitio of Baliwasan, and this sitio was called "Gozo" in Spanish meaning "happy", referring to the then inhabitants thereat who were mostly farmers and were living happily and contentedly in their farm life. Then this sitio Gozo was separated from Barrio Baliwasan and was created into a Barrio now known as Barangay. It was subsequently renamed after the Patron Del Barrio "San Jose" and the word Gozo was affixed after the word San Jose so as not to loose its original name when it was still a sitio of Barrio Baliwasan.

With the influx of migrants during and after the Spanish era to this Barrio from different parts of the country who speak different dialects and languages in their communication, the word Gozu was finally accepted in all writings and communications, hence this Barangay is presently called and known as Barangay San Jose Gusu.


It is bounded by Barangay San Roque on the north, Campo Islam on the south, Baliwasan on the east and Bagong Calarian on the west.

Barangay Fiesta May 1, in honor of St. Joseph
Total Population (2007 Census) 26,917
Number of Households 2,930
Punong Barangay Joel H. Esteban
Barangay Kagawad Rogelio E. Fernando
Almarhiza S. Kalinggalan
Lilia S. Abubakar
Mario G. dela Peña
Joselito C. Monares
Juanito B. Saracho
Eleonor G. Bermas