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Distance from the City Proper 25.34 kms
Political District District II
Historical Background

During the Spanish time, Sang, a Chinese merchant decided to establish his business in one of the barrios in Zamboanga. This barrio has no name at that time and is located in the east coast. In the same place lived another businessman popularly known as Ali. The two businessmen became close friends and even treated each other as brothers. Sang had decided to put up permanently his business in the said place.

Sang and Ali's business prospered and they were always seen together in their business ventures. Years had passed the people called them Sang-Ali. Finally the people named the place Sangali as what it is known today.

It is rich in marine resources. The people in Sangali mostly depend on fishing and fish drying while others depend on tilling lands and planting corn, palay, vegetables and other produce as their meager source of income.

Barangay Fiesta

May 1, in honor of St. Joseph the Worker

Total Population (2007 Census) 15,915
Number of Households 2,485
Punong Barangay Daud T. Bakil
Barangay Kagawad Oswaldo A. Felix
Abraham J. Salih
Mario C. Caranzo
Oscar C. Arcillas, Jr.
Ruth R. Ranin
Hermela Y. Mosqueda
Roseller L. Aizon