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Distance from the City Proper 26.00 kms
Political District District I
Historical Background

In the west coast of Zamboanga City, about 26 kilometers away from the city proper lies Sinubong. Old folks say that Sinubong got its name when a Spaniard who was alone and hungry got lost in the field. At that moment, he saw a native boy passing by. He asked the young boy where he was going. The boy pointed at the direction he was heading to and in crude Spanish said, “Alla si no bong”, meaning, “there where no firing of guns”.

The Spaniard thought that the name of the place was Sinubong. Later on, when the Spaniard met his other companions, he invited them to see the place where the boy pointed and told his companions that the place was called Sinubong.

As years went by, migration rate also increased. Christians and Muslims paved their ways toward the area and found the place suitable for livelihood. In the 1950’s, the logging operation started in the upper portion of the area called Mt. View. It is called such a name because of the beautiful scenery that can be seen in the lower portion of the west coast of Zamboanga City and Northern Coast of Basilan. Being the highest peak in the west coast, today it is named as Sitio Mt. View.

In 1960’s, people from San Roque also migrated to Mt. View. They found the area suited for farming since it is a virgin land and the climate was cold. A decade more, people from Siasi and other parts of Sulu and Zamboanga City migrated to the area to engage in farming, where their produce are mostly being sold to city public market twice a week compared to he people living in the lower area.


It is bounded by Barangay Patalon on the north and the San Ramon Penal farm on the south.

Barangay Fiesta 3rd Sunday of November
Total Population (2007 Census) 2,500
Number of Households 371
Punong Barangay Rolando M. Soler
Barangay Kagawad Ramon M. Soler
Ma. Bella M. Sur
Raymond S. Alamhali
Pablito B. Juan
Roland M. Soler
Ma. Antonette V. Jose
Mariano A. Torcuator, Jr.