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Distance from the City Proper 76.50 kms
Political District District II
Historical Background

After World War II, there were some businessmen who came to sell their barter goods in this place.  The businessmen belonged to different nationalities to include a Chinese citizen.  Time by time, they were doing their business smoothly.

When the Chinese said that he wanted to urinate, the Maranao answered, "Miya ka Taguidti ku magabi".  But the Chinese businessman did not know the name of the place, not even the residents living there.  But they wondered why one of the businessmen mentioned that kind of word.  The people kept on thinking more on it, of what should be the name of the place.

When they heard the word mentioned by one of the businessmen, they analyzed if it should be the name of the place.  As time went on, when they remember the word "taguidti", they later suggested to name the place as Taguiti.

Barangay Fiesta Fiestas are not celebrated since inhabitants are predominantly Muslims.  Instead, festivities are observed during Hariraya Ei'dil Fitri as the culmination of the Holy Month of Ramadan.
Total Population (2007 Census) 1,011
Number of Households 166
Punong Barangay Sabal C. Balahim
Barangay Kagawad Nijan J. Jamhali
Salam T. Mohammad
Jhul M. Cadir
Muhaimin B. Cadir
Idris I. Cadir
Abdulhamin J. Hussin
Sali J. Amsani