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Distance from the City Proper 8.50 kms
Political District District II
Historical Background

The island barangay of Tigtabon became one of the 98 barangays of the city upon the enactment of Commonwealth Act No. 39, s. 1937.

It is near the Barangay Pangapuyan and Arena Blanco and is oblong-shaped lined with mangroves.  It is a five-minute ride by pump boat from Arena Blanco.

Numerous stories detail the origin of the island barangay.  One of such stories tells that during earlier times, a group of people lived in a place surrounded by white sand.  When high tide came, many turtles went ashore, laid eggs and covered them with sand at nighttime.  The people looked for these eggs because they were said to be a medicine for good health.   Tigtabon got its name from "tig" means turtle and "tabon" means under the sand.


As there is no source of potable water in the area, residents need to fetch water in Arena Blanco, Mulu-Muluan in Mercedes and Taluksangay by means of boat.

Its natural resources include seaweeds, mangroves and a few coconut trees.

Barangay Fiesta All of its residents are Muslims who only observe Hariraya Ei'dil Fitri as the culmination of the Holy Month of Ramadan.
Total Population (2007 Census) 3,957
Number of Households 735
Punong Barangay Attang Hji. J. Mohammad Nul
Barangay Kagawad Kadil J. Mohammad Nul
Najer B. Usman
Lellong B. Gani
Nur-In H. Nasihul
Hassan M. Mohammad Nul
Basser S. Mohammad Nur
Sana T. Arasad