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Distance from the City Proper 70.00 kms
Political District District II
Historical Background There is a tale about the origin of the name Tigbalabag. A long time ago, the newly-constructed road became very muddy when rain poured. The word "tig" was taken from the word "taliti", the chabacano word for light downpour. Every time there was taliti, the road became muddy and caused vehicles to run in a zigzag, the chabacano equivalent of which is "balabag-balabag". From then on, they named the place Tigbalabag.
Barangay Fiesta December 18
Total Population (2007 Census) 1,625
Number of Households 250
Punong Barangay Rolando S. Ofendoreyes
Barangay Kagawad Mohammad J. Toth
Joewie E. Francisco
Guillermo B. Arias
Mercedita M. Ofendoreyes
Joel E. Francisco
Jose P. Falcasantos
Rosario F. Medina