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Distance from the City Proper 4.32 kms
Political District District I
Historical Background

Back in the days when the Spaniards were trying to suppress Moro supremacy in the Visayas and around the coast of Mindanao, Zamboanga was only a Spanish garrison. In the year 1870, when piracy was at its peak, the Spanish governor-general decided to establish a force to check pirate activities. So, to Fort Pilar, as the Spanish garrison was called, came reinforcements of about two thousand Spanish and Filipino soldiers.

Inasmuch as water supply in Zamboanga was not enough, the Spanish commandants decided to find water supply in the interior, about four kilometers from Fort Pilar. The Spanish soldiers found a site by the river which they decided was an ideal place and there they established their camp.

The commandant, Col. Pedro Real, who usually came to take a bath in this river, was so fascinated by its scenic beauty that he composed a poem in Spanish dedicated to this river. The poem reads in part:

··· "Tumaga triste na dita for crosar el mar distante como agua crystalante baniara cual quien bonita."

And since then the first word of the poem became the name of the place and the river.

Today, Tumaga River is still a scenic beauty spot which fascinates the people who visit the place. It is a waterway which originated from the 10, 560 hectares Pasonanca watershed. It follows in a north-westerly directions and covers out to empty in Arena Blanco with a stream flow of 6.1260 cubic meters per second. It is about 12.8 kilometers in length and 30 meters wide in the upper portion. The river is sandy and with gravel, with big boulders in some of its portions. It traverses thru centers of populated areas such as Pasonanca, Sta. Maria, Tumaga, Guiwan, Tetuan and Tugbungan and almost all Barangays of Zamboanga City.

Barangay Fiesta August 11
Total Population (2007 Census) 25,281
Number of Households 4,441
Punong Barangay Jacqueline J. Lim
Barangay Kagawad Luis Rey T. Gonzales
Hilda P. Jalon
Arnel M. Soriano
Yolanda C. Enriquez
Regalado C. Rebollos
Romeo D. Garcia
Jake Niko A. Fabian