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Zone IV

Distance from the City Proper 0.00 km; it is located within the City Proper
Political District District I
Historical Background Barangay Zone IV was created along with other Zones within the city through Executive Order No. 06 and Presidential Decree No. 86 dated December 31, 1972. It was signed by former Mayor Hon. Joaquin F. Enriquez, Jr. on July 28, 1975.
Location It is bounded to the west by Barangay Zone I, on the northwest by Barangay Zone II, on the north by Zone III, on the northeast by Barangay Sta. Barbara, on the east by Barangay Rio Hondo, and the south by the overlooking and famous pink sand of Sta. Cruz island, one of the famous tourists beach destinations of Zamboanga City.
Barangay Fiesta October 12, in honor of Our Lady of the Pillar (for the Christians) and Hariraya Puasa (for the Muslims).
Total Population (2007 Census) 4,823
Number of Households 4876
Punong Barangay Kaizar J. Sakandal
Barangay Kagawad Hja. Merlinda J. Sakandal
Abdel S. Andas
Elizabeth E. Tamudmud
Merlyn T. Arao
Kimtong S. Tan
Jul Asbi P. Aripin
Mahamud T. Arao, Jr.
Secretary Sandra S. Abdusalam
Treasurer Layla T. Ismael