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Functional Statement

1.      Develops plans and strategies: formulates policies pertaining to management and administration-related programs and projects.

2.      Implements upon approval, such programs and projects with the end in view of instituting effective administrative reform.

3.      Provides frontline administrative and operational support services to the Chief Executive and line departments of the city in those areas related to disaster and calamities, demolition of illegally constructed shanties and structures alongside streets, and in other public places; closure of stalls and other establishments for violation of laws and ordinances.

4.      Coordinates the work activities of officials of the city and advises the Chief Executive on matters relative to the management, administration and operations of the agency.

5.      Coordinates with non-government organization (NGOs), national government agencies (NGAs) and institutions on programs, activities and celebrations under the sponsorship of the city government.

6.      Undertakes for the Chief Executive, daily monitoring of the state of affairs of the city for efficient local governance in such areas as enforcement of laws and ordinances and compliance therewith; traffic, garbage, sidewalk vending, illegal construction of shanties and structures in public places, and such other concerns that pose danger to lives and properties.