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A. Plans and Programs and Policy Formulation:

1.      Prepares policies, rules and regulations on management and                      
Administrative procedures.

2.      Implements the above upon approval of the Chief Executive.

3.      Reviews progress of implementation per prescribed standards and evaluates the same for refinement of changes.

B. Coordination with City Offices of Work/Activities:

1.      Conducts regular monthly or bi-monthly conference with Heads of Departments.

2.      Assess progress of programs and projects implemented by different departments so as to determine the extent of accomplishment and problems encountered and systems applied.

C. Frontline Services:

1.      Extends administrative support to the Chief Executive and line departments on administrative communications and procedures.

2.      Coordinates with city and national offices and NGOs on disasters and calamities.

D. Executive and Legislative Support:

1.      Recommends and/or advises the Chief Executive and the Legislative Body, as the case may be, on other matters relative to management and administration.

2.      Exercises such functions as prescribed by law such as approval of administrative expenses/disbursement of the Office and the counter-signing of cheques.

3.      Exercises such and performs other powers, duties and functions as may be delegated by the Chief Executive.