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2013 Accomplishment Highlights

Pursuant to Republic Act No. 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code, this office is mandated to implement City Ordinances that address public order and affecting the state of city affairs. We picked up where we ended in 2012 with the relentless and impartial implementation of City Ordinances, Resolutions, Executive Orders, and General Policies thru continuous monitoring, coordination and prodding and assisting any of the eighteen (18) departments under the City Government to carry out its mandate. The City Ordinances Enforcement and Traffic Management Units under the supervision of this office were in the forefront in carrying out this mandate together with the Zamboanga City Police Office-Community Police Action Center providing support.

This office advocates good local governance by regularly conducting conferences, consultations and meetings with city officials to direct them in their course of action with regards to city projects and/or to prod them into fast tracking projects to completion. This is especially true as the Lobregat Administration sought the completion of projects at the end of June 2013. This office works hand in hand with City Officials and National Line Agencies and Non-Government Organizations  to get them to work with and support this office in sustaining the momentum achieved in the implementation of ordinances particularly the Traffic Ordinance, Market Code, Sidewalk Ordinance, Sanitary Code, Revenue Code, Pedicab Ordinance, Fishery Ordinance, Anti-Squatting Ordinance, National Building Code and other regulatory ordinances on the operation of Karaoke, Videoke Bars, Internet Cafes, among others as well as carry out laws on the Anti-Human Trafficking, Anti-Vagrancy, Juvenile Delinquency that affect human decency and the welfare of the general public. This office implemented the penalty provision of these ordinances as prescribed by law with the payment of administrative fines. Confiscated goods like food stuffs that are not retrieved in accordance with the prescribed period and payment of fines are donated to social institutions.

This office continues to operate the different Economic Enterprises, the Main Market, the Sta. Cruz Commercial Complex to include the Bagsakan Center and the Cold Storage Facility, and the City Abattoir at San Roque. The operation and maintenance of parks remains one of the major activities of this office. These parks are: Paseo del Mar, Plaza del Pilar, Jardin Maria Clara L. Lobregat Complex, Butterfly Garden, Centro Latino and Plaza Pershing. These parks remain as the favorite wholesome  entertainment  destination of the  local  residents  as  well  as visitors. Though briefly interrupted by the siege in September, people have come back to patronize these parks.

This office was in the frontline of the delivery of administrative support services during the 20 days siege brought about by the standoff between the MNLF and the Government Forces from September 9-29, 2013. This office worked closely with other offices and law enforcement agencies to maintain order in the city. One big task handled was the evaluation of 121,276 affected families to 36 different evacuation centers and directing the day-to-day delivery of services for their subsistence needs/emergencies arising from the siege.

Other notable accomplishments include the following:

  • In January 2013, Centro Latino, a Multi-Purpose Building at the Paseo del Mar was inaugurated. Conferences, shows, fair meetings and other activities were conducted
  • Completion and inauguration of the Mampang Public Cemetery in May 2013. To date, the cemetery had served thirty-eight (38) clients.
  • Office Archive at San Roque was activated.
  • Advocacy to maintain the cleanliness, sanitation and orderliness at the Sta. Cruz Commercial Complex, Bagsakan Center and Main Market was maintained.

a) Relentless/steadfast implementation of the Market Code particularly on the payment of fees. Implemented Ordinance Nos. 240 and 248 to maintain order and sanitation

b) Conducted regular flushing, declogging of manhole and fumigation activities at the two markets

c) Maintained a regular garbage collection system in coordination with the Office of the City Environment and Natural Resources

d) Continued campaign on the implementation of the provisions of the Market Code to improve the collection of back rentals with the issuance of notices of delinquency and closure order

e) Reconstruction of stalls at Charcoal Section at the Sta. Cruz Commercial Complex

f) Reconstruction of Bus Terminal at the Sta. Cruz Market

g) Adopted a new parking scheme at the Bagsakan Center, Sta. Cruz Commercial Complex

h) Repainting of office and fences at the Sta. Cruz Commercial Complex

i) Set up a lactation station in coordination with the City Health Office at the Bagsakan Center

j) Closed 185 stalls for delinquency of rent payment at the Sta. Cruz Commercial Complex

k) Conducted a public raffle and awarded 24 stalls Sta. Cruz Commercial Complex

l) Beautification of the Sta. Cruz Market with flowers

  • Relentless crackdown on illegal vendors selling cellphones in violation of City Ordinance No. 240 and the NTC Circular No. 68-08-2004 resulting to the confiscation of cellphones with accessories.
  • Conducted campaign against the operation of video-carrera gaming machines which resulted to the destruction of 42 machines.
  • Continued facilitation with other offices to speed up the construction of the Tugbungan-Boalan Road.
  • Starting January 2013, the City Abattoir implemented the Good Manufacturing Practices, by July it was given GMP Certification and finally in September, the National Meat Inspection Services accredited the City Abattoir with the “AA” classification.

To maintain the standards set the GMP, the Abattoir undertook the following physical improvement/rehabilitation of machineries/facilities:

a) Repair of two deep well pumps

b) Installation of two additional pressure tanks and repiping to allow three (3) pipe lines

c) Improvement of vehicle washing area

d) Standardizing two foot bath facilities

e) Installed hog shower at the hog ramp

f) Repair of cattle knocking door

g) Repair of oscillating flatform

h) Repaired defective lighting system

i) Introduced new-evisceration practice at the City Abattoir

  • Assisted City Offices, Zamboanga City Police Office and other military units during the conduct of local festivities and observance of religious activities by maintaining order in the city streets and ensuring public security
  • Directed the evacuation of affected families during the 20-day siege of the city and during heavy downpour/flooding
  • Directed the delivery of subsistence goods to thirty-six (36) evacuation centers
  • Responded to other emergencies/needs arising from the seige
  • Coordinated/directed other city offices in responding to natural calamities like landslides
  • Saw the finalization and approval of the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Plan
  • Under the direction of the City Mayor, reviewed BAC documents for the procurement of goods/equipment and services
  • Under the direction of the City Mayor, monitor the status and progress of all infrastructure projects of the city from previous administration to the present administration and recommended the necessary actions