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2013 Resolutions

Resolution No.


Res. No. 781

Declaring Zamboanga City in state of calamity due to the armed conflict  by the MNLF-Misuari Faction

Res. No. 835

Declaring Zamboanga City in state of calamity due to the

massive flooding that hit the city

Res. No. 830

Requesting His Excellency The President, House and Senate, thru the City Mayor to take a deeper look re: armed conflict that occurred in Zamboanga City

Res. No. 829

Requesting HUDCC to expand the grant of moratorium not only to residents whose houses were burned and damaged during the armed conflict but also members of GSIS/Pag-IBIG affected by the crisis

Res. No. 815

Requesting the Crisis Management Committee to recommend to the ground commander of the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (CDRRMC) the presence of the Chairman of the SP Committee on Peace and Order in the conduct of military clearing operation in the affected barangays

Res. No. 809

Requesting the City Mayor to come up with a definite and clear cut policies regarding the rehabilitation and relocation of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of the affected barangays in the city

Res. No. 797

Approving the requests of the barangays Labuan, Patalon, Limpapa and Sinubong for additional 23 police personnel at Police Station 10, Labuan, to be assigned in each Community Police Action Centers at barangays Limpapa, Patalon and Sinubong

Res. No. 793

Approving the MOA between DILG-RIX and the City Government of Zamboanga for the 9-units Police Patrol Vehicle

Res. No. 792

Approving the Report of the Committee on Urban Planning and Land Use relative to the temporary relocation sites of affected evacuees

Res. No. 789

Approving the opening of a separate Trust Fund Account-Current Account with LBP solely for receipts from donations/contributions in relation to the crisis in Zamboanga City made by the MNLF-Misuari Faction

Res. No. 786

Requesting the Zamboanga City Police Office (ZCPO) and Task Force Zamboanga to provide security escorts to all teachers assigned in the island barangays and to tap the services of the Barangay Tanods, Barangay Intelligence Network (BIN), Bantay Dagat and the SCAA to augment forces in securing these teachers

Res. No. 785

Requesting the Honorable Secretary of DSWD to assist the City of Zamboanga thru the Crisis Management Committee for additional supplies/relief goods and other assistance for distribution to the evacuees

Res. No. 783

Authorizing the Honorable City Mayor to implement and execute Force and Preemptive Evacuation in the City of Zamboanga as a result of the bloody attack perpetuated by the breakaway MNLF-Misuari Faction

Res. No. 782

Giving full blanket authority to the City Mayor to impose curfew hours in the City of Zamboanga

Res. No. 777

Requesting private TV and Radio stations to calibrate and synchronize their time devices with Philippine Standard Time pursuant to R.A. 10535

Res. No. 770

For the City Mayor to expedite financial assistance to the group who will join the 16th Dance Sport Sa Sugbu on
September 14, 2013

Res. No. 769

Requesting Honorable Congresswoman Lilia M. Nuño to act on the diversion of the road from Tigbalabag to Vitali to Sibulao down to Tagasilay

Res. No. 776

Requesting the City Mayor to install solar panels to various parks & gardens in the city

Res. No. 743

Approving the MOA between EMB-DENR and the City Government of Zamboanga on the implementation of RA 9003 re: “Ecological Waste Management 2000”

Res. No. 727

Authorizing the City Mayor to purchase generator for the Justice Hall of Zamboanga

Res. No. 726

Requesting the City Health Office/HDES and the Zamboanga City Anti-Aids Multi-Sectoral Council thru the City Mayor to conduct regular check-up of all detainees at the BJMP

Res. No. 724

Requesting the City Health Officer thru the Mayor to check the status of the clinic at the ZCHS-Main and to explore all possibilities of assisting this school clinic to have adequate supplies of medicines

Res. No. 723

Requesting the Honorable Secretary of the Department of Tourism thru the Mayor to assist the city in coming up with a Tourism Master Plan for the City of Zamboanga

Res. No. 717

Requesting OCENR and the  ZCPO thru the Mayor to conduct regular inspection of residential and commercial establishments to strictly enforce the unlawful dumping, throwing or littering of garbage or any form of solid waste  in the canals, drainage and other waterways

Res. No. 706

Supporting the City Disaster Risk Reduction and  Management Council adopted on August 5, 2013

Res, No. 705

Approving infrastructure projects from lump-sum appropriation  in generic terms for the month of July

Res. No. 687

Requesting OCENR and CDRRMC to prepare a flood control mitigating study for the city

Res. No. 683

Approving the CY 2014-2016 Local Development Investment Program (LDIP) and CY 2014 Annual Investment Program (AIP)

Res. No. 649

Approving the MOA between DA-RFO IX; the City Government of Zamboanga and ZC PAMP Federation of Farmers Assn. re: Provision of Water Pump Engine Sets and Accessories

Res. No. 648

Approving SP Rules of Procedure on the conduct of Admin Investigation under Chp. 4, Title II, Bk I of RA 7160

Res. No. 647

Requesting the OCENR thru the City Mayor to prepare an official comprehensive report as to the percentage of denuded mountainous areas in ZC

Res. No. 646

Requesting the City Mayor to fast track the construction or rehabilitation of the riprap and slope protection projects in Labuan, Manicahan, Putik and Tugbungan

Res. No. 645

Requesting the City Engineer thru the Mayor to use sandbags as temporary measure to the flood prone areas

Res. No. 642

Requesting OCENR to study the possibility of conducting massive tree planting or reforestation program involving all students

Res. No. 639

Declaring certain barangays affected by flashflood in state of calamity

Res. No. 637

Requesting the City Director of DILG-RIX thru the Mayor to consider that media representative be present always during the meeting of the LDRRMC

Res. No. 634

For the City Mayor to consider the installation of flood early warning device in flood prone barangays

Res. No. 613

SP supports the passage of HB Nos. 1135 & 1136 re: Creation of Pasonanca & Tulungatung National High Schools authored by Hon. Cong. Celso L. Lobregat

Res. No. 611

Appealing to the Posadas, owners of the property at Talon-Talon for a temporary status quo of the eviction of the poor residents from that area while waiting action from the office concerned