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Divisions and Functions



The City Veterinarian shall be responsible for the enforcement of the laws and regulations, licensing and inspection of animals to be slaughtered, poultry and other dairy products sold to customers. Oversees the livestock production and animal dispersal program of the city.


Administrative Services


Provides administrative support and services requirements of the office; performs all aspects of administrative work as required.

Veterinary Inspection Services Division

Conducts inspection on all livestock prior to be slaughtered and recommends health measures for the upkeep of the animals.

Animal Health Services Division


Coordinates on the production and propagation of poultry, hog and cattle in the city and assist farmers and poultry or hog raisers on proper feeding management, maintenance of farm and application of preventive/control measures of poultry and livestock animals. Conduct information campaign on the identification and control of animal diseases.

Animal Production Services Division



Monitors the Production of livestock in the city and recommends programs for the propagation of poultry, dairy and/or hog livestock.