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Divisions and Functions



The City Social Welfare and Development Officer shall administer and supervise the social services of the city and execute/enforce all laws and ordinances relating to social services. Coordinates with and assist private sectors, government agencies and other civic organizations, in the implementation of welfare and relief programs or activities, nutrition and day care, population development and services.


Administrative Planning and Programming Division


Provides Administrative support and services requirements of the office; performs all aspects of administrative work as required.

Population Division


Plans, directs, organizes and coordinates in the implementation of the population development programs of the city. Coordinates with the different partner and participating agencies (government and private) and renders technical assistance in population development of programs and project and monitors their implementing activities.

Community Action Services Division


Provides emergency relief assistance to victims of calamities and disasters and extends special services for the orphaned, neglected persons, disabled, abandoned and/or the displaced persons.

Welfare and Development Division


Plans and direct the implementation of welfare program for poor government-assisted families thru income-generating projects; coordinates with government agencies of providing skills development and job placement.