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Beng warns vs fixers in City Hall

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Mayor Beng Climaco on Monday warned City Government employees against meddling in the affairs of private individuals transacting business with the local government.

The mayor issued the warning in the light of reports disclosed to the City Council insinuating that some city government employees act as fixers by preparing documents for some phoney projects.

Mayor Climaco has asked the City Council to submit names and details of the illegal activity so that proper action can be taken against those responsible. Nonetheless, she said, the presence of the “no fixers allowed” placard in conspicuous places in the different city departments is proof enough that City Government workers are aware of the prohibition.

“As government employees we must set an example. And with or without the list from the City Council, we are telling all government employees not to meddle in the affairs of people and act as fixers to facilitate documents,” the mayor warned.

She said acting as fixers in government offices is a violation of Civil Service laws and is punishable under the law. (Sheila Covarrubias)