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Trike franchise stickers now available at CTO

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Tricycle operators who renewed their franchises last January can now claim their stickers at the City Treasurer’s Office in City Hall.

This, as the Tricycle Adjudication Board (TAB) prepares to launch anew a campaign against colorum motorized tricycles or those that have not renewed and paid their franchise taxes last January.

On behalf of TAB Chair City Legal officer Atty. Jesus Carbon, Executive Assistant Cesar Jimenez Jr. last Monday called on all concerned tricycle operators to claim their franchise stickers at the City Treasurer’s Office to avoid inconveniences once the campaign against colorum will be launched anew.

Tricycle operators will have to present their official receipts to claim the stickers.

Based on the records from the TAB, a total of 4,924 out of the 6,587 tricycle operators have paid their franchises as of April 17, 2017.  Of the total number of operators with paid franchises, 1,563 are from Zone I (City Proper); 1,443  from Zone II (City Proper); 2,481 from Zone III (City Proper); 765 from Zone IV (City Proper); 44 are from Zone 5 (Manicahan); 49 from Zone 6 (Curuan); 117 from Zone 7 (Vitali) and 125 from Zone 8 (Ayala).

With unpaid franchises as of April 17 are 1,663 tricycle operators, according to the TAB records. (Sheila Covarrubias)