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Beng wants justice, support served to gang rape victim

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Mayor Beng Climaco appealed the other day that justice and all kinds of support should be served to a 20-year-old girl, who was allegedly raped by a gang of six men Thursday night in a male dormitory at Tripplet, San Jose, this city.

“When I was informed, I congratulated PS 6 (Tetuan) personnel. I even went there to facilitate and assist the psychiatric counseling for the victim.

Climaco said had also instructed the Zamboanga City Medical Center to extend all possible assistance to the rape victim for her to overcome the traumatic experience she had endured in the hands of her abusers.

“We must pursue all within our means to ensure that justice will be served,” the mayor said even as she lamented that three of the supposed suspects were released unceremoniously by Insp. Alipin, chief of the Women and Children’s Protection Division of Police Station 11.

Although she vouched for the outstanding record of Insp. Alipin as a policewoman, Climaco said what she (Alipin) did was something for the police to review their operations procedures.

“Insp. Alipin is an outstanding police office. She is a tough cop. We give her the benefit of doubt on what judgment call she had. But we stand by the rape victim,” the chief executive said.

For his part, Chief. Insp. Albert Sta. Teresa, officer-in-charge of PS11, admitted to the lapses committed by Alipin’s division in handling the gang rape case, particularly the release from custody of three suspects without informing him.

“They did not inform me. They did it on their own,” Sta. Teresa said during the press briefing Monday in City Hall. “She decided to release the three suspects without informing me. She should have let the fiscal decide, not her.”

Accordingly, the reason for release of the three suspects was that the prescriptive period had already lapsed, notwithstanding the complaint filed by the victim and parents.-(Vic Larato)