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Beng calls for renewed vigilance, support on security measures

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Mayor Beng Climaco has called for renewed vigilance, support and cooperation on all security measures implemented by police and military authorities in light of the recent terror threats in other parts of the country and the world such as the Halloween attack in New York City in America.

Mayor Climaco said the 100 percent support and cooperation of the residents is very urgent as the police and military authorities cannot do things alone. “It is always better to be safe and cooperate (with law enforcers) for the safety and security of all.”

She said there is always a threat to security whereby even the most powerful countries in the world are not spared. “We need to be wary and alert and sustain peace efforts to foil any and all attempts of lawless elements.”

People should immediately report to authorities the presence of any suspicious groups or individuals or activities in their area as well as the presence of suspicious items and abandoned vehicles.

In New York City in the United States, at least 8 people were killed when a rental truck driven by an Uzbek immigrant rammed into the riverfront bike path on Halloween day which authorities say was an act of terrorism.

The chief executive said the security alert level in the city has remained the same ever since as part of the pre-emptive measures to foil any attempts of lawless groups.

“I appeal to residents of Zamboanga City to be on alert and vigilant on strangers, check their backgrounds and motives and prevent them from carrying out their evil plans,”  the mayor added. (Sheila Covarrubias)