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OCA fights off black bugs

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The local government has deployed measures to fight and contain black bug infestations in several rice fields in the City.

City Agriculturist Diosdado Palacat on Monday said the Office of the City Agriculturist (OCA) is responding to contain and fight the reported incidents of infestations by black bugs in the barangays of Bolong and Manicahan.

In coordination with local farmers, the OCA is regularly conducting and setting up light traps to capture and eliminate black bugs. Aside from light-trapping, other measures to combat black bug infestation are water management and spraying, said Palacat.

Palacat assured residents that the incidents of black bug infestation are not severe. It has caused a reduced production of rice in Bolong, while barangay Manicahan has minimal damage as the palay in the area has already been harvested.

The OCA, however, remains on alert and vigilant to ward off further infestations.

“I am now giving a marching order to my people, once the black bug is within the area, immediately [conduct] the light trapping activities,” Palacat said.

The OCA is also ready to provide major interventions for dealing with black bugs which include water management, spraying, light trapping, and the provision of technical advice.

Aside from the rice fields, black bugs have also been reported to swarm in the City proper.

“Hinde pa man infectao but there are many complaints within the City proper cay manada gayot black bugs,” Palacat said.

He added that black bugs are attracted to lights, particularly LED and mercury lights.

“If you have that kind of light, they will swarm there,” Palacat explained, and advised residents to turn off their mercury and LED lights to avoid attracting the bugs especially on nights when the moon is out as they are active when there is moonlight. (Jasmine Mohammadsali)