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BOSS processes 1,297 applications in 5 days

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A total of 1,297 applications for business registration and renewals have been processed by the Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) at the end of its 5thday of operation on Sunday.

“As of yesterday, we have processed 1,297 applications, where 615 have already made their payments, and permits printed are 131,” City Licensing Officer Benjie Barredo said on Monday, January 8.

The BOSS will be in operation from January 3 to 20, from 8 AM to 8 PM, Mondays to Fridays, and 8 AM to 5 PM, weekends and holidays, to accommodate the applications for the business registration and renewal period set by the local government for local businesses in the City.

Barredo confirmed that the issuance of temporary permits will be halted this year, due to some establishments failing to comply with all the requirements in the past year despite the information, instructions, and details provided by the Licensing Office.

“It’s either pass or fail. If you complete the requirements, you will be issued with the business permit,” he said.

Those who lack requirements are informed of their deficiencies and will be urged to comply and return when they have completed the necessary requirements.

A list detailing which businesses and establishments were able to comply with the requirements and were not issued permits will be released at the end of the renewal period.

The BOSS utilizes a streamlined system involving three steps for business registration and the renewal of license: application, payment, and release. As with last year, all agencies involved in the renewal and registration of business will be housed at Centro Latino for the convenience of local businesses and residents.

To accommodate the influx of people, a queuing system has been set in place.

To date, there are no plans to extend the operations of the BOSS beyond January 20.

Towards this end, Barredo urged local businesses to comply with the regulatory requirements for their business permit.