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Organizational Setup

     On November 27, 1992, Ordinance No. 454 was enacted by the Sanggunian Panlungsod creating the Office of the City Accountant effective January 1, 1993. Upon its creation, a separate Budget had been prepared under the Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 1993 to finance the operation of the newly created department. 
    The Organizational Structure of the Office of the City Accountant is composed of four (4) distinctive Divisions namely: 

     1.) Administrative Division
          a.  Office Service Division
          b.  General Service Division 

     2.)  Internal Control Division 
          a.  Financial Audit Section
          b.  Operations Audit Section 

     3.)  Disbursement Audit and Property Inspection Division
          a. Pre-Audit Section
          b. Property Inspection Section 

     4.) Financial Transactions Division
          a. Bookkeeping Section
          b. Billing and Remittance Section

     Initially, there were twenty seven (27) existing regular plantilla items or positions transferred from the Accounting Division, Office of the City Treasurer to the Office of the City Accountant and by virtue of its creation as a new Department, fifteen (15) more new positions were created bringing the total number of plantilla positions to forty two (42) in 1993.

     To date, the total number of personnel under this office per plantilla is fifty seven (57).
     As part of the local government, a lot of the expected work output depends much on the manpower initiative of the present working force. The transfer of the Office to its location at the City Hall Annex Buidling paved way for a  
conducive working condition allowing the staff to attend and provide more effective and efficient services to their various clientele. 
     In fact, the Department has met the standard performance of providing a sound financial condition and results of operations of the City Government of Zamboanga and the Barangay Units.  It continues to get the support of the Chief Executive, the Legislative and other Departments. It has likewise grown in awareness under the managerial concept of delegation of authority and responsibility as well as meaningful concept of job rotation to provide a wider span of experience to all the personnel in the department. These are  indeed the major milestones  of its accomplishments in the field of local fiscal administration.