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Service Vision, Values & Strategies


The role model in the delivery of fast, reliable, and efficient public service, utilizing the full benefits of information technology, proactive to the needs of the people, vigorously promoting development under a transparent and accountable local governance and actively preserving a strong and united Zamboanga.



• We are Role Models
• We serve with a smile
• We efficiently deliver fast and reliable public service
• We are catalyst for improvement
• We promote transparent and accountable governance


• We lead by example
• We fight corruption by developing a transparent and accountable governance
• We govern by public participation
• We deliver services to the people through the extension of government offices to the far flung areas
• We develop rapidly as a world-class city by continuously improving our information technology capabilities
• We mold world class athletes through vigorous promotion of sports activities
• We are developing to be the center of trade in Mindanao through continuous improvement of business related and other government services
• We effectively fight terrorism as “one city, united Zamboangueños, and strong Zamboanga”
• We deliver better services through the use of information technology